The Connection Project

16. November 2017 um 19:00 – 18. November 2017 um 16:00

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The Connection Project -
present in yourself, freedom with others, in flow with life

6 month intensive training with Angela Halvorson Bogo (UK/Norway) -
all workshops could be booked seperatly now! 

Are you ready to live in more alignment with your heart? The Connection Project trains your competence to know and cherish your unique self in all your experiences. When you connect to yourself, you connect to life.  Then you start to tap into sources of wisdom, depth and creativity. You will relate more honestly with others, have more fun, discover new areas of yourself and connect to you own power and courage. Life becomes very exciting as you learn to drop things that don’t work for you. You will trust yourself more both professionally and in your private life.

The Connection Project is a supportive process that begins as winter invites us to journey inside and ends with a new blossoming version of you early next summer.

In this blossoming you will know how to connect and ground yourself every moment for the rest of your life. You will be able to ask yourself: Am I adapting right now or am I real? What really nourishes me? What brings me into my power? Am I awake and alive or drifting?


This training is for people who

  • want to feel free in connection with others
  • want to experience a deeper connection to nature
  • want to re-orientate or develop themselves
  • want to drop old restrictions and fears
  • who want to feel much more alive
  • want better personal or professional relationships
  • work with others and want to develop relational abilities
  • are interested in new leadership competencies
  • want to be more deeply anchored in themselves as they transition challenging situations
  • want to feel safer and more creative as presenters
  • want genuine communication with clients or colleagues
  • like are open to a new and playful approach


You Can Discover More About a Person
in an Hour of Play than in
a Year of Conversation


Structure of Training

This 6 month intensive training combines 3 residential workshops with at home support. Through your own embodied experience you train in important interpersonal relating in a new way of learning.

  1. Residential workshops
    These workshops are a way unlearning everything that stops you from being yourself. The roots of this are often in our early life. Angela brings safety playfulness and depth into a process of flow so that together with you, you can reconnect with parts of yourself, drop things that don’t work for you and learn to enjoy life. She trusts the unfolding wisdom of the group and chooses moment by moment from a collection of methods in improvisation, play, clowning, dialogue, storytelling, meditation, heart exercises, music, dance, drawing, relaxation, and exercises in connection with the nature, horses and other animals at Mirabellenhof.Angela offers a safe space in a group where you will be neither injured or shamed. This allows you to return to the creativity and free expression of childhood, or practice it for the first time. When we are really present, without an agenda, we drop into innocence. There is no fear of judgement and so head, heart and the gut instinct are reconciled within us. The inner child is nurtured and strengthened and we can allow ourselves to receive deep healing and vitality within. And this feeling is not limited to the workshops. Your cells will remember and carry it with you.
    Each workshop begins with dinner and a storytelling evening. You are invited to rest and receive medicine for your soul in the form of ancient wisdom. These traditional stories connect you to your own soul, to others, to the cycles of the earth and a particular aspect of The Connection Process.
  2. At home support
    To help you integrate everything that happens in the workshops, and stay connected with Angela and the others in the group there is a set of different processes to support you. Many people create special friendships between the workshops that often extend for years afterwards. The online calls, coaching and other input will help you integrate the transformations you go through and embody them in your daily life. You will be part of a small community who support your journey in becoming more free, real and skilled in relating.



About Angela Halvorson Bogo

angelahalvorsen-510x519Angela grew up in England and began improvising in the 1970's later went to school where she studied physical theatre, clown and the fool. Later while living in Scotland, she was apprenticed to an indigenous storyteller and learnt ancient ways of working with stories and songs from him. She has been on a journey of personal and spiritual development for many decades, lived 6 years in a monastery and has integrated approaches from many philosophies and teachings in her work. She is an international performing artist working as a storyteller, clown, singer and director. In 1990, she began teaching embodied play, storytelling and communication skills training and leading residential retreats as a way to help people connect to themselves, life, nature and others. She has trained people all over the world who work with children and adults in a variety of professions. She tells stories in intimate storytelling house concerts connected to the 8 old Celtic festivals. She is a specialist clown who connects and improvises with dementia patients, trains other performing artists to work with people with dementia and trains nursing staff in dementia care enhanced sensitivity and new ways to meet patients. She offers a form of intuitive coaching for people in transition, entrepreneurs and other artists.

See her website:


What do I get?
The Connection Project includes:

  • Three workshops that start on Fridays with dinner at 6pm and end on Sundays at 4 pm.
    Dates: 17th. -19th. November 2017, 26-28 February and 27-29 April 2018
  • Residential accommodation
    Mirabellenhof, which means Plum Courtyard, is a large and beautiful house from 1756, refurbished in 2017 and dedicate to Katrin Paul. It has a largeZimmercollage natural garden, with many plum trees and animals. It sits on a quiet cobbled street in the sleepy village of Biesenthal in the German countryside, near Berlin. Our group will have exclusive use of the house for workshoptime.
    Accommodation is in twin or triple rooms. Video of the appartments can be seen here.
  • Lovely vegetarian meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunchtime.20170714_182519
  • The  workshop space is  a beautiful hall at the top of the house with views over the Biesenthaler basin nature reserve. We often see the Biesenthal storks flying close by from the windows!
  • Half a year of networking and personal support

 - A dedicated private Facebook group which will stay open for a year after the Project ends.

- Regular online inspiration from Angela.

- Regular exchange in small groups if you join more than one workshop.

- Two hours of personal coaching via Skype or telephone with Angela (in English) or with Katrin (in German) if you join more than one workshop

- Regular live online meditation.


„To play with others is the highest form of connection. There is a depth of connection, physical, emotional, spiritual when we meet the uniqueness of each other in the moment, embodied, joyful and light.“


Feedback of Participants

  • It gave me an in the body experience of how to live more fully in Presence. I’m experiencing more openness, more vulnerability, more aliveness, “awake-ness” in my life. It opened me up to going more deeply into meditation. It’s pretty amazing embodied spiritual work.’ Mary Beth Gwynn
  • ‘Everything was good about the course. Exceptional facilitation, balance, sensitivity, learning, entertainment. It was more profound than I realised, touched some sensitive parts but handled utterly professionally.’ Jennifer Kavanagh
  • ‘Angela’s Workshop both enlivens and is a perfect complement to Evolutionary teachings. Participants are guided into a direct experience of their natural spontaneity and creativity. It is an adventure of falling into the unknown and trusting what wants to emerge from the source of aliveness, of living as the unconditioned self that is free to become anything.’ Judy Voruz
  • ‘The Fool Archetype has permeated my life. Where I was terrified now I’m OK. It’s given me a new openness to life and I know whatever happens there’ll always be possibilities for love and fun.’ Katrina Tweedie
  • ‘The workshops were a revelation – putting me in touch with the child within, encouraging me to see with curiosity, positivity and compassion whilst my sides ached with laughter. I haven’t laughed so heartily and fully for such a long time. Not only that – it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and peace within myself. It was an insight into what we are capable of and how much joy we can give to ourselves and others. Dave Sutton


Katrin Paul, the owner of the Mirabellenhof Venue, has developed this training series unique in Germany with Angela.


Katrin Paul has experienced Angela’s work in Hungary and Germany. This is Angelas second visit to Mirabellenhof.

Katrin Paul is working as a family therapist and supervisor for Kindergartens and schools.  She says:

"The ability to be present and to be authentic is the key to satisfying relationships with children, parents, colleagues or clients.

Since in most social professions these skills have not been taken into account at all, specialists are now called upon to acquire these skills themselves. In this training, you come from your head into your body (embodied experience) and will explore and expand your own relationship skills in an easy and profound way."

Through this workshop, pedagogical specialists can very individually shape their professional development. In combination with personal coaching by Katrin or Angela, the new experiences can be transported directly into everyday work. Cost taking by the facilities is recommended, a corresponding certificate for the participants and employer is issued.


Optional: Three traditional storytelling evenings are on thursday evening before every workshop and are linked to the old Celtic seasonal festivals and wisdom.P1210102 (2)
November: Samhain Celtic New Year, death of the old, start of the new. Beginning of Winter.
February: Imbolc Celtic early spring. Returning light, new growth hidden under ground.
April: Beltane Celtic start of summer. Blossoming, fertility, growth, expansion.

The storytelling evenings are open to people living nearby and are in English with German translation. Learn more about the storytelling from Angela.



Limited number of seats:  max. 14 participants!

Early Bird Price (until 1st of Oktober): 200,00 Euro/Workshop

Normal Price: 230,00 Euro/Workshop

Additional costs are always for each Workshop:
65,00 Euro vegetarian Catering,
75,00 Euro Accomodation in double Bedrooms at the venue "Mirabellenhof"

Information & Registration:
Katrin Paul
Mobile: 0172/27 77 262 (+49 172/27 77 262)

Where is it?

The Mirabellenhof is located 35 km north of Berlin, Germany.
From Berlin Main Station or the airports (TXL or SXF) you need 1,5 hours with public transport.
Shuttle Service from trainstation "Biesenthal Bahnhof" available.