6.-8. March 2020 at Mirabellenhof, 16359 Biesenthal, Germany

How would you like to give a whole weekend to your inner child and your serious self, to do nothing but be, play, relax, have fun and connect? How would you like to leave feeling light, free, conscious and happy?

Welcome to a 2.5 day workshop at Mirabellenhof, an old plum yard 35km north of Berlin, Germany. Transformational magic happens as when we bring meditation and awareness into playing and meeting. So we will play games, be in structured exercises, try silly improvisations, or exercises to help us listen and play with more attention in our emotions and what we are sensing. We will copy each others good ideas and release ourselves from the lie that we must be ‚interesting‘ or ‚original‘. We will rest, pause, notice, and find out how pleasure is a springboard for change.

We will discover the limitations of playing only to win and lose physical or emotional restrictions and useless beliefs and free ourselves. We will be very loud sometimes and very quiet sometimes. We will make music and songs together from nothing. We will have a ball!. Make things up. Make mistakes. Make up something else. Lay down and rest. Be sung to. Be told stories.

We will look at the importance of play in healing the world and hear about the many play projects, initiatives and festivals springing up around the world. Maybe start something in your hometown?

We will heal ourselves and each other through gentleness and listening. We will learn the fastest roots to having a great time with anyone, anywhere. We will breakthrough our conditioning and reclaim our natural delight.

This workshop is facilitated by a storyteller and clown who has been in this work for 30 years. She brings a treasure chest of processes, stories and simple exercises from red-nose clowning and theatre. Everything is created in the flow of what appears to be emerging as the group forms, opens to itself and dives into creation in the moment. This beautiful process will bring you into your heart and body.

You need no previous experience.
You will slow down and feel alive.
You will rediscover play for pure pleasure.
You will find out how to enjoy the unexpected.
You will find your sparkle and freedom.
You will feel energised, empowered and awake.
You will be in a safe safe, experiencing trust and community.

Is a powerful practice to rediscover your playfulness, find out why play is such a necessary aspect in the emerging future, and gain consciousness about your movement, your playfulness and your presence meet. This unique bodywork developed by Angela Halvorsen Bogo, aims to develop YOU, your physical and emotional intelligence, your connection with source and others in an authentic, creative and joyful way.

Angela H. Bogo

ANGELA HALVORSEN BOGO (UK/Norway) has 30 years experience in facilitating safe, loving, fun and empowering spaces in organisations, education, community arts, spiritual communities, and healthcare. She is a storyteller, and singer and works as a specialised clown for Alzheimers patients.
She runs spiritual retreats combining creativity, meditation, play and Social Presencing Theatre.

Arrival: Friday 6th you can arrive from 17.00, we begin at 19.00
Departure: Sunday 8th from 17.00

The Workshop will happen at Mirabellenhof

The event will be in English, but translation in Germam will be possible where needed.

WORKSHOP fee 250€
WORKSHOP last minute (28th Feb until 1 March) – 200 €

2 nights full board with vegetarian meals – 80 Euro
shared double bed room 70,00 Euro
single bed room 100.00 Euro

To book use the registration form below

QUESTIONS: buero@mirabellenhof.de

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